Hair Removal Waxing   

Using hot and strip wax with Outback Organics. Outback organics includes a range of botanical extracts with soothing and cooling properties, natural extracts such as tea tree oil and lemon myrtle oil.

Eyebrow shape & trim £10

We also do an eyebrow tint (patch test necessary, please call to arrange)

Allow 10 minutes

Ears, nose, mid brow wax £10

Allow 10 minutes

Back & Shoulders £32

Allow 30 – 40 minutes

Abdomen £25

Allow 25 – 35 minutes

Half Leg: £26 / Full Leg: £39

Allow 30 – 45 minutes

Ear Wax: £5 / Nose Wax: £5 / Mid Brow Wax: £3

Intimate Waxing £60

Allow 60 minutes

Hands & Feet 

Foot Fix: £29

Foot soak, hard skin removal and exfoliation, push back and remove any excess cuticle, cut and file the nails finishing with a foot massage.

Allow 40 minutes

Hand Fix: £15

Exfoliation, push back and remove any excess cuticle, cut and file the nails. Apply cuticle oil and hand massage.

Allow 20 minutes

Hand & Foot Fix: £39

Callus Peel: £22

A Callus Peel is a spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. Most common areas for callus and hard cracked skin is around the heels and on the big toe but can be anywhere on the foot. The feet are buffed, patched, wrapped for 10 to 20 minutes depending on how thick the callus is, the skin is then scraped & filed and moisturised. The treatment may be required more than once if the calluses are thick.

Allow 20-30 minutes

Callus Peel & Foot Fix: £39

Pure feet heaven. Combing the Foot Fit pedicure with a Callus Peel.  

Allow 50 minutes


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: £29

A Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is a shorter treatment than a Full Body massage. This is great if you’re short of time or need to squeeze this in during your lunch hour.

A massage is great to ease stress and muscular tension in the back area resulting from a deskbound or sedentary job.  It hydrates and nourishes dry skin and improves circulation, muscle tone which boosts lymph and blood circulation to aid detoxification.

Allow 30 minutes

Full Body massage: £49

Is 55 minutes long and includes arms, legs, hands, face, feet and back.  This is a Swedish style massage so will involve some vigorous movements as well as some more relaxing movements. Pressure can be adjusted to suit how you prefer it and feel free to request a firmer or lighter pressure throughout. The therapist will help to relieve any areas of tension or muscular fatigue so you feel looser and lighter when you leave.

Your therapist will ask what type of pressure you like, then set to task on a stiff lower back, or loosening any muscular knots, commonly located between the shoulder blades and tops of the shoulders.

If you like having your hands, arms and legs massaged. You may be better off booking a Full Body massage as a Back, Neck and Shoulder treatment concentrates on the torso.

Allow 55 minutes 


Express Facial £20.

Allow 20 minutes 


Luxury Facial  £35

Allow 40 minutes