Triumph & Disaster Shampoo

Soft notes of Mint mix with Acacia Concinna, Desert Date & Tazman Pepper to deliver a balanced, nourishing shampoo. Sulphate and Silicone free, Triumph & Disaster Shampoo is enriched with Hydrolysed Keratin & Argan oil that will leave hair and scalp cleansed, moisturised and becalmed.

Sulphate free to avoid pore blockage and brittle hair, Triumph & Disaster Shampoo utilises gentle plant based cleansers to remove build up of excess oils and residual hair products, making for a genuine hair & scalp treatment that has been cunningly disguised as a humble shampoo.
To Tip: As long as you can used to this shampoo not foaming very much, this shampoo is excellent. It’s organic formula and scent is kind to your hair yet wonderfully refreshing. Would recommend using the Triumph & Disaster conditioner after shampoo.


Buy this product in store at Hobson and Quinn, on Cross Street, Reading.

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